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Aerial Photography

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Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.21.01 PMAerial photography is a fantastic hobby but also can be very interesting career. I’ve always dreamed as a kid of being a pilot. I think it would be a fantastic experience to be up in the air flying machine. However, I’m just crazy scared of the possibility of crashing in an airplane. I think I sing way too many movies that have to do with people flying airplanes and crashing. So, what’s is probably kept me from getting up in the air more often. The expense of such a hobby could also be part of what kept me from getting my pilots license as well. There are great benefits to having a pilots license. One of those benefits to having a pilots license is been able to take photographs from the air( This is become an increasingly popular hobby as drones have been introduced and are available to even amateurs. Are actually not two incredibly inexpensive. So this gives people that who are not professionals over do not have a problem plus the opportunity to do these things. So you should think about flying airplanes and taking photographs from them as a hobby as well as something that you can do as a profession. Aerial photography is a fantastic way to get views of the property or make inspections of the property. You can put on goggles that are set up to the drums camera and actually see what the pilot is seen as well. It’s not only the pilot with his screen monitor looking at the objects but also someone who is standing around enjoying the show but getting a front row seat. That’s a great idea to take up aerial photography and to consider what kind of amazing photographs and video footage can be captured. Again I’ve been speaking about photographs but video is something that’s very popular these days when you talk about using drone photography or an airplane. It’s a great way to show off a large property on the Internet. Real estate agents and companies of till now have been very limited on what they can show off but now with be ability to take photographs as well as video from an airplane you can capture a tremendous amount of the property. This gives people a great idea of what it has to offer and never before has this type of footage been able to be taken so easily and readily by amateurs as well as professionals.

Again there’re many rules and regulations and laws that pertain the flying drones or of course flying airplanes and helicopters. There are things you need to research and look into before you get up in the skies with the camera. There’s a lots of work that goes into preparing yourself for these different situations. However, I believe it’s be well worth it to you to consider getting a pilots license and Taking up aerial photography and videography. I’m certainly going to consider it!